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Simply known to his friends as "Fish." Michael's Artistic Journey began in his hometown of St. Louis Missouri when he was born with a Crayola Crayon in one hand and a MAD Magazine in the other. And to the surprise of the nurses and his Mother he whipped out a guitar, jumped up on the delivery room table and ripped a Chuck Berry solo! Since day one, Michael has destine to go where no silly pencil pusher has gone. He is all The Marx Brothers rolled up into one. 

A former Motion Picture Prop Maker on HBO'S TALES FROM THE CRYPT & WES CRAVENS VINTAGE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET TRILOGY'S. Michael is back from a long much needed creative time out ready to rock the planet, TOONS THAT ROCK style! His work has been seen and featured on ESPN and in such publications as Guitar Player Magazine, Modern Drummer, The Hockey News, USA Hockey Magazine and The Nashville City Paper. 

His work with TOONS ON-ICE Hockey has been marketed in association with The National Hockey League including special projects, program covers, personalized character art and fundraisers. Michael's Clientele include The Los Angeles Kings, L.A Lakers West Coast Prime Ticket Network, CAA Sports, IMG Hockey, IMG Baseball and such NHL teams as The St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, Florida Panthers and Disney Sports Enterprises.  

In 1993 Michael created TOONS ON-ICE Hockey Christmas Card Program marketed in association with USA Youth Hockey selling 100,000's of Hockey Holiday Cards helping to raise money for Youth Ice Hockey Teams and leagues all across North America and the world such as Little Caesars Youth Hockey, The Jr. San Jose Sharks, The Jr. New Jersey Devils and The Los Angeles Kings Care for Kids Foundation. After decades of creative achievements in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Motion Pictures. FISH is expanding his creative horizons from ice hockey to Pure Rock Humor.

Look out for THE PUCKFORD 7 New Illustrated Hockey Adventure. The greatest Hockey Tall Tale ever told ready to hit the ice Winter 2022.


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Click on my photo to donate to my Surgery Medical Fund


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